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Sharhul Sudur Bisharhi Hal Al-Mawta Wal Qubur lil Suyuti. ARABIC
[DB#3439 6H4 HB, 373pp Maktba Asrya, : Kitab Bushra al-Ka'ib Bi Liqa' al-Habib Soul, Grave, Afterlif]

Sharhul Sudur Bisharhi Hal Al-Mawta Wal Qubur lil Suyuti. ARABIC

Sharhul Sudur Bisharhi Hal Al-MAwta Wal Qubur
Imam Jalal al-Din al-Misri al-Suyuti
Hardback 373  Pages
In Postscript: Kitab Bushra al-Ka'ib Bi Liqa' al-Habib ByHafidh Jalaluddin Abdur Rahman
Published by Maktabat al-'Asriyyah, Beirut, Lebanon
New Revised Quality 2 Colour Print


About the Book:
Everybody will die, that is one thing that we are absolutely certain of. What exactly is death, and what happens at the time & after death?
This book is an compilation of ahadith and reports from the companions and the Salafu Saalih regarding Death and the condition of a person in the grave. As Imam suyuti says in his introduction of the book, he has added additional narrations and chapters to the famous book of Imam Qurtubi namely al-Tadhkirah,
Remebering death.

The aforementioned book and the The Soul or Al-Ruh of Ibn Qayyim are the most known in this subject and thus does this book of Imam Al-Suyuti compliment those books in a complete fashion.  The trial of the grave and its delights including the interrogation of the two angels Munkar and Nakir are mass-transmitted and narrated hadiths.

Imam Suyuti has done an splendid work on putting forward the arguments of several contemporaries of his and others who pre-ceded him in most of the issues discussed in this book. He also refutes those whom he disagreed with in regarding to the authenticity of certain reports.

About the Author:
Author Imam Jalal al-Din al-Misri al-Suyuti al-Shafi`i al-Ash`ari, also known as Ibn al-Asyuti 849-911AH /1445-1505),, the mujtahid imam and renewer of the tenth Islamic century, foremost hadith master, encyclopedist, historian, and biographer and probably one of the most prolific of all Islamic writers. There are an enormous number of his essays and treatises preserved today. A number of his writings concerned scientific topics or issues related to natural science and food and regimen, amongst other things
From Asyut in Egypt,he was among the most renowned and prolific Muslim scholars of all time. He wrote more than 300 books, covering every aspect of the Islamic sciences. He memorized the Qur’an at the age of ‘eight, and then went on to study with more than 150 scholars. He travelled extensively in his quest for knowledge — to Damascus, Hijaz, Yemen, India, Morocco, and the lands south of Morocco, as well as in Egypt.
Al-Suyuti devoted his life to learning, teaching and writing. He was noble, abstinent and self-sufficient, distancing himself from people of rank and power and living on what he earned by teaching. Major writings of al-Suyuti that remain widely used today include al-Itqan, on the Qur’anic sciences; and Tafsir al-Jalalayn, which he completed when only 22.


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