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The Noble Women Scholars Of Hadith Shaykh Mashhur Al Salman
[#3509,4C4, PB 188pp Women's concern with prophetic tradition SalafiManhaj Al-Shanti/Abdul Ghafur Jam]

The Noble Women Scholars Of Hadith Shaykh Mashhur Al Salman

The Noble Women Scholars Of Hadith
Women's concern with the prophetic Hadith
Shaykh Mashhur Hasan Al Salman
Translated by Abu Hayyan Salal bin Abdul Ghafur & AbdulHaq Al-Ashanti
Paperback 188 Pages
Published by Jamiah Media Salafi Manhaj UK

This Book has been authored by the noble shaykh, Abu Ubaydah Mashhur bin Hasan Al Salman, one of the main students of the mujaddid and the muhaddith of the era, Imam Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Alban R.A. It covers one of the most important issues that effect Muslims today, an issue which many non-Muslims do not adequately understand or have any knowledge of, except from what is presented erronneously in the media.

It is regarding the issue offemale education and its importance in Islam. Unfortunately, much of what people view from ignorant Muslims such as suppressing women's educational facilities has become widespead, hence the significance of this work in the English language.

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