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Sullam Al-Munajat Sharh Safinatul Salat : Shafi'i Fiqh, Arabic
[DB#3529 6I4 PB 232pp Dar Ibn Hazm, By M. Nawawi bin Umar al-Shafi'i, Ed. Bassam A. Wahhab al-Jani]

Sullam Al-Munajat : Arabic Only
Sharh Safinatul Salat (Shafi'i Fiqh)

By Muhammad Nawawi bin Umar al-Bantani al-Tannari al-Jawi al-Shafi'i
Tahqiq By Bassam Abdul Wahhab al-Jani 
Paperback 232 Pages
Publisher : Dar Ibn Hazm 

About The Book 

This is an exegesis of the significant book Safinatus Salah,in which author has illustrated about salah and its seventeen arkaan, according to Shafi'i school of thought, which are compulsory act of any worship.

About the author 

Shaykh Muhammad Nawawi bin Umar al-Jawi al-Shafi'i was born in Indonesia, came to Makkah in his childhood and was brought up there and made a lot of money and purchased a big collection of the books, then continued to pursue his education from many scholars and mashaykh. 

He really worked hard and a day came when he earned the title of "Imam" in mantiq (Logic) and fiqh. 

He had devoted himself to worshipping, learning, teaching and preparing of Islamic literature. His Dars was packed with thousand students. 

His  Mashaykh: 

  • Syed Ahmad Al-Damyati al-Makki 
  • Syed Ahmad bin Abdur Rahman al-Husaini 
  • Shaykh Muhammad Sulaiman Hasbullah 

His writings reach around forty. His well-known writings: 

  • Asawirul Asjad 
  • Al-Ibriz al-Dani 
  • Bughyatul Awaam 
  • Bahjatul Wasail 
  • Marah Labid li kashf min quran al-majid 
  • Targhib al-mustaqeem

This book is also available from different publishers

The Ribat Institute (Arabic-English)
Dar Al-Minhaj (Arabic Only)


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