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Fatawa Al-Imam Al-Nawawi: Arabic, Ibn 'Attar
[6D2 ,b#3560, Imam Nawawi legal verdict compiled by His student Ibn 'Attar, HB, 320pp, Darul Hadith, ]

Fatawa Al-Imam Al-Nawawi: Arabic, Ibn \'Attar

Fatawa Al-Imam Al-Nawawi
Compiled By: Imam 'Ala Al-Deen Ibn 'Attar
Tahqiq By: Shaykh Sayyid Ibn Muhammad Al-Sannariy

Hardback 320 Pages
Published by
Darul Hadith

About the Book:
One of the most referenced works of Imam Nawawi although he did not compile this collection of Fatwas himself which was an work compiled by his student, the famous hadith and fiqh schollar Imam Ibn 'Attar.

This fatwa contains unique legal verdicts that you cant find in the general books of Imam Nawawi since he wrote most of his works about the Shafi'i Madhab. In here you can read what he as an Mujtahid thinks of certain rulings while he will also clarify what certain verdicts are according to the wider schools of law.

An excellent print with notes and Tahqiq's as well as double colour font.


About Imam Nawawi:
Yahya ibn Sharaf al-Nawawi (d. 676/1277)
Without argument, Imam al-Nawawi is one of the most well known scholars and spiritual masters in Muslim history. He was a consummate scholar of several disciplines, including law, Prophetic traditions, Quran exegesis, and grammar. His works and profound personal circumspection have inspired millions of believers on spiritual and intellectual planes. He was born in Greater Syria, where he also died in 1277 at the age of 45. Read More About Imam al-Nawawi.

The Development of the Shafi'i Madhab and its books (Read More>

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