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A Way of Life: Zain Bhikha Audio CD 2010 Nasheed Songs Release
[1v3 25 Tracks Nur al-Habib Productions Includes Old Classics & duet with Son Muhamma Bikha Bonus Tra]

A Way of Life: Zain Bhikha Audio CD 2010 Nasheed Songs Release

A Way of Life by Zain Bhikha
Audio CD
25 Tracks
2010 Release
Nur al-Habib Productions

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A Way of Life is an album dedicated to children of the World. With Zain on lead and showcasing some wonderful up and coming young artists, the album captures the essence of Zain Bhikha, featuring traditional nasheeds that tug at the heartstrings and new songs that strengthen the message that Islam is indeed 'A Way of Life' With 25 tracks, including ‘

Song title
1- A Way of Life
2- 25 Prophets
3- When I Grow Up
4- Although I Never Saw His Face
5- Turn to Allah
6- Muslim School Anthem
7- Give Thanks to Allah
8- I Am A Muslim
9- Welcome O Ramadaan
10- Eid-un Sa'Eid
11- Salaamun Salaam
12- Which of Allah's Favours Can We Deny?
13- Forever
14- Spread The Word

15- A Way of LIfe
16- 25 Prophets
17- When I Grow Up
18- Although I Never Saw His Face
19- Turn to Allah
20- Give Thanks to Allah
21- I Am A Muslim
22- Eid-un Sa'Eid
23- Which of Allah's Favours Can We Deny?
24- Forever
25- Spread The Word

This album is sure to remain a family favorite for years to come

The old classics that have been included on the album have been reworked and been given a more contemporary feel. Favourites such as `Although I never saw his face’, which so aptly describes the depth of love and reverence Muslims have for Prophet Muhammad (SAW), enable the listener to comprehend the overwhelming position occupied by the Prophet in our lives.

Amongst the  new compilations is a touching duet that Bhikha sings with his son Muhammad. A wonderful illustration of the bond between parent and child, it is sure to tug many a heartstring. Inspired partly by a meeting Bhikha had with a couple who had lost a young child, it speaks of the bond that will endure into the next life. Having used a number of very talented young artists on the album, Bhikha has ensured that his dream of nurturing and promoting the youth bears fruit in a positive and practical manner. The young artists also captivate their peers and my young critics were rather taken with their renditions.

In essence, A Way of Life is set to become another must-have classic from the Bhikha studios. For a new generation of young listeners, it is a superb introduction to the world of nasheeds. For the older listeners, it is a wonderful walk down memory lane emphasizing basic lessons that will resonate with both the young and the old.

Zain Bhikha
From the time that Zain recorded his first album in 1994, his experience as an artist has grown tremendously, increasing his exposure in his country of birth, South Africa, as well as globally. Zain remains a pioneer in the ‘Nasheed’ genre of music, where, as one of the first English Islamic singers, he opened the door for many other artists. His albums have been launched in many countries including the United Kingdom, North America, Malaysia, France, Turkey, Holland, India, The Middle East, and Australia. He has performed live in cities across most continents and has become a household name when it comes to spiritual music.

Over and above his individual endeavours, Zain has also collaborated with a long list of artists such as Dawud Wharnsby, Native Deen, Outlandish, Sami Yusuf, Raihaan, Khalid Belhrouzhi, Ahmed Bukhatir, Imad Rami, Ziryab, Khalil Ismail and not forgetting his mentor, Yusuf Islam. His songs are mainly self-written, driven by emotion and the need to reassure people that turning and submitting to the Almighty is the hope mankind needs for the core of our everyday questions and confusion.


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