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The Fiqh Madhhab of Ahl ul-Hadith Shaykh Al Salman, Mashhur
[#3651 4C4 PB 132pp, The Litimacy of its Features Tr: AbdulHaq al-Ashanti,J M Publicatios,]

The Fiqh Madhhab of Ahl ul-Hadith Shaykh Al Salman, Mashhur
The Fiqh Madhhab of Ahl Ul-Hadeeth: The Legitimacy of Its Features
Author: Shaykh Mashhur bin Hasan Al Salman
Translator : Abdul Haq Al-Ashanti
Paperback 132 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0956728135
Publisher: Jamiah Media Publications (2011)

About The Book
Ahl ul Hadith have a Madhhab which is mentioned within the books. It is a Madhhab which has distinguishing characteristics and peculiarities. Between it and the Madhhab of the Fuqaha (Jurists) and the Dhahiri Madhhab, are signs which are hidden from some students.

This is a very nice and informative publication which anyone interested in understanding the Fiqh of Ahlul Hadeeth and their stance on the Aimah definitely needs to read. Though concise, its a must-read for those who have a problem in understanding "Taqleed" and the stance of Ahlul Hadeeth in general.

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