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Word Flow (To Enhance Proficiency & Recitation Of The Qur'an)
[#3654 1U1 Learning Roots 92 Selected Words from Qur'an 48 Cards 19x8 cm Teach children learn eas]

Word Flow Flash Cards
ISBN: 9781905516322
Published by Learning Roots

About The Product 

  • Contains 48 cards
  • Each card measuring 19x8 (cm) with rounded corners for each handling
  • 92 Words in Large Arabic Letters
  • English Meaning in small writing at the bottom
  • Other Words Associated with the Arabic Root Word
  • This is an Excellent tool even for Adults who are studying The Arabic Language
Word Flow is designed to significantly enhance the proficiency of Qur'an recitation. Promoting instant word-sight recognition, the Word Flow method isolates 92 carefully selected high frequency words from the Noble Qur'an and coaches split-second recall. This resource is perfect for beginners and those with staggered recitations.




ISBN: 9781905516322

Weight: 300

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