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Respecting Your Mother (Akhlaaq Building Series), Full Colour
[#3661 1E2 PB 23pp Ali-Gator, ages 3-8 Yrs, Children, Good Manners, Character, Values, fun stories]

Respecting Your Mother 
Akhlaaq Building For Kids Series
Introducing Children to Good Manners and Character 
Featuring Saaliha & her younger brother Ali
Paperback 23 Pages
Size : 21 x 21 cm
Publisher : Ali Gator

About The Book

"Respecting Your Mother" is an essential part of Islam, (as is respecting your father too). Yet mother has a very special status in our lives. 

Saaliha and her younger brother Ali know that if they are good to their mother and father, Allah will give them the best of rewards. 

They both like to help their mother with little things around the house. It may not seem like much, but it all part of building a child's character. 

This series inspires children to develop good Manners through fun stories involving children like themselves.

It is essential for children to develop good character, morals and values from a young age, reading good books, with good messages and good role models is part of developing good character in our children. 

This series of books teaches children : 

  • How to practice good Akhlaaq (manners) in their daily life
  • To know and recognize good values from an early age
  • To share the same moral understanding and values as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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