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Al-Hadiyato Linnisa: Islamic Laws Regarding Purity of Women
[DI#0370 2E2 PB 61pp Madressa Jamiah Arabiah, By Moulana Ibrahim Palanpuri, Hanafi Fiqh, Laws]

Al-Hadiyato Linnisa: Islamic Laws Regarding Purity of Women

Al-Hadiyato Linnisa
Islamic Laws Regarding Purity of Women 

By Moulana Ibrahim ibn Noor-Muhammed Palanpuri
Paperback 61 Pages
Publisher : Madressa Jamiah Arabiah, Anand, Gujarat, India.

According to the Hanafi View of the Indo/Pak Sub-Continent 

About The Book

Certain Islamic laws are meant exclusively for women. Most of our women are ignorant of these laws while some because of their modesty and shyness are prevented from asking others about these laws. Unfortunately, men also pay very little attention to such, laws. 

I have tried to explain the laws in very simple language. If you still have any difficulties then you should enquire from an Alim if there is one amongst your mahram. If there is none, then you should ask your husband or any mahram to enquire from an Alim to explain it properly to you and you can then explain it to the other ladies. 

This booklet has been prepared specially for women but a few laws are applicable to men and it is, therefore, advisable that men should also read the booklet and understand the laws because it is also their responsibility to explain these laws to their womenfolk. It is important that the ladies keep this booklet safely in their possession.   -  (From the Concluding Note of the book)

"Al-haya-u-shoabatum minal iman"
[Modesty is a branch of iman].

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