Girls Sticker Pack 2 from muslimstickers.com
[#3758 1Q2,45 Stickers per pack Includes tree, butterfly kaba-with Islamic messages of encouragement]

Girls Sticker Pack 2 from muslimstickers.com
Girls Sticker Pack 2 
By muslimstickers.com

45 Stickers per pack

These fun glitter stickers come with beautiful designs and Islamic messages that promote excellent qualities.

Messages include 'I Love Allah', 'I prayed salah only for Allah' and 'United Colours of Islam'.

Weight: 30

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'Whoever desires to have an increase in his sustenance and in his age, should join family ties.'That is, he should fulfil the rights of his next of kin and assist them physically and financially according to his ability.
(Sahîh Bukhârî)