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Maraqi al Falah bi Sharh Matn Nur al Idah Arabic Only
[DB#3761 6C2 HB 320pp Maktaba Al-Asriyyah, By Imam Shurunbulali, Clear 2 Colour Print, Hanafi Fiqh]

Maraqi al Falah Sharh Matn Nur al Idah : Arabic Only
By Imam Allamah Shaykh Hasan Bin Ammar Bin Ali Shurunbulali al-Hanafi
Hardback 320 Pages
Publisher : Maktabat al-Asriyyah

About the Book

A commentary on a book on the jurisprudence (fiqh) of worship ('ibadat) according to the Hanafi school (madhhab) of Islamic law written by Imam Shurunbulali (d. 1069 h), one of the greatest jurists of his time, this work is among the most widely studied works on the subject all around the world, being a part of the traditional curriculum for students of Hanafi fiqh. 

The work covers :

  • kitab al-tahara
  • kitab al-salat
  • Kitab al-sawm
  • kitab al-zakat
  • kitab al-hajj 

Clear 2 Colour Print 

About the Author

The author is Abu al-Ikhlas al-Hasan b. `Ammar b. `Ali b. Yusuf Shurunbulali he was born in in 994 A/H. He became a master of jurisprudence at the hands of Abdullah al-Nahriri and Muhammad al-Mahby. He studied at the prestigious seat of learning, al-Azhar, Cairo, under the patronage of some of the most eminent scholars of his time. He himself later became a scholar of great repute and a copious writer, whose works exceed fifty in number. The Shaykh passed away in 1069 A/H.

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