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Important Issues - General Certificate of Education A-Level/A2
[M#3795 5D4 PB 120pp, By Ghassan Mahir,Mariam Mahir, MM Books, Edexcel Advanced Level (A2)third revis]

Important Issues - General Certificate of Education A-Level/A2

Important Issues - General Certificate of Education A-Level/A2

Paperback 120 pages
ISBN : 9781908871206
Publisher : MM Books (2011 Edition)
The GCE A2 Course Book Set
Based on the requirement of the latest edexcel advanced level A2, this set of book is the first of its kind, written specially for the arabic A2 course. The A2 course books set contains books for the texts (literary option). Each of these book contains text, summaries, explanation, analysis and criticism, in addition to brief advice on studying and how to plan your essay writing. 

Important Issues
Important Issues, Arabic GCE (A-level) / A2 Core Contains the requirement of the compulsory part of the final A-level, or A2, year.
It Includes:
Outline of Edexcel's Arabic A2 specification.
Covers the TOPIC AREAS of the Edexcel specification in 23 USER-FRIENDLY ARTICLES.
New VOCABULARY, WITH ENGLISH MEANINGS, introduced in every topic.
Uses a broad VARIETY OF TEACHING METHODS: descriptive texts, news items etc.
EXERCISES throughout, with ANSWERS.
ENGLISH-TO-ARABIC TRANSLATING explained through language comparison and step-by-step translation, with many examples.
Detailed advice, with examples, on punctuation and style.
ALL INTRODUCTIONS, TEACHING TEXTS AND EXPLANATIONS ARE IN ENGLISH to ensure immediate and comprehensive understanding by the students.
About The Author
Ghassan Mahir, B.Sc., B.Sc., D.Nut., MHMF, MHF After completing his BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Baghdad University in 1977, he worked in the engineering field for eight years in Iraq and Kuwait, only to see his engineering profession ending prematurely as a result of health problems, and moving as a result to the UK in 1985. His writing career started in 1984 and now he has some 40 published works - including translations - in Arabic language education, alternative medicine, socio-politics and Islamic studies. He has completed several diplomas in alternative medicine and has written books on that subject, in both Arabic and English, some of which are still in print. He is the author of many Arabic language educational books for GCSE and A-level students and teachers, published by M M Books, which include topic-based books, study resources, grammar and literary criticism, and he is also a co-author of books for pre-GCSE level. His books are used by schools all over the UK, as well as in many national and international schools abroad.

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