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Al Jumuah VOL 23 ISSUE 04 - A Smile From a Veil, Ibn Qayyim...
[Magazine Your Guide Islamic Life Issue Madarij Salikeen Rabi'uth Thani 1432 /H. Love Fatawa Divo]

Al Jumuah VOL 23 ISSUE 04 - A Smile From a Veil, Ibn Qayyim...

Popular US Magazine Now Available at Kitaabun 


Pages: 64 Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Al-Muntada Al-Islami Inc.
ISBN: 9771092377004

Feature articles include:

  • - Miracles and the Limits of Man
  • - Its Real Love : Marriage with a Mission
  • - Ibn al Qayyim on the Station of Good Character from - Madarij-us-Salikeen
        - Fatwa on Divorce and Child Placement

    This issue includes:

    - From Family to Ummah

    - Science Upholds Faith

    - Letters From the Backwoods

    - Nutrition and Spirituality

    - Parenting

    - Madarij-us-Salikeen

    - Youthful Horizons

    - Heart Talk

    - A Matter of Fiqh

    - Invisibility and Other Visions

    - Money Maula

    Includes features on science, trade & finance, madaris-us-salikeen, parenting, women's issues, health matters, play & learn, and more.

    About Al Jumuah Magazine:

    Al-Jumuah started out as a single-page publication in 1991, being distributed in mosques on Fridays. In the following 12 months due to rising popularity and recognition, Al-Jumuah developed into a twenty-four page magazine. Following on in 1995 the number of pages jumped up drastically to fifty-two full color pages.

    The development and rise of Al-Jumuah Magazine must in truth be accorded to the guidance and support bestowed upon us by Allah (Exalted is He), and after that, to the hard work put in by our Al-Jumuah teams in America, Saudi Arabia as well as here in London.

    The purpose of the magazine is to satisfy a longstanding need to learn about Islam by non-Arabic speaking Muslims around the world, and to serve as a constant reminder in these difficult times. We are glad to have subscribers in Asia, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe.

    Al-Jumuah Magazine focuses on the call to Islam (Dawah), purity of belief in Allah (Aqeedah), various aspects of Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh), and other issues, striving to give knowledge in a practical and useful way. Every month, Al-Jumuah features articles on topics pertinent to Muslim living today, especially for those in the West.

    In addition to monthly features, Al-Jumuah has regular sections for Fiqh, Islamic History, Women's Issues, Trade & Finance, Parenting, the Prophetic Seerah, Muslim Character, Latest book reviews, Readers' forum, and much more. One of our most popular features is the Fatawa section where prominent scholars of today give answers and advice to contemporary questions


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