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A Perspective on The SIGNS of AL QURAN Through the Prism of the
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A Perspective on The SIGNS of AL QURAN Through the Prism of the

A Perspective on
Through the Prism of the Heart

By Saeed Malik
Paperback 299 Pages
Published 2010 Quemedia

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Excellent as a Gift to Muslims as well as non Muslims

Unique amongst contemporary works on the Quran, Malik's 'Perspective on the Signs of al-Quran: through the prism of the heart' lives up to its title! It is clear in every page of this brilliant work that it was written from a heart-felt perspective. A must read for every student of life, love, spirituality and of course the Quran.

'The signs of the Quran speak only to the seeking heart. The heart cannot be coerced; it must want and it must be willing...'There is no god' is offered by the mind after it has quashed all fallacies. 'But God!' is the heart's plea. The Kalima rejects dogma and embraces both the simplicity and profundity of Oneness'

'Pharaoh and Moses are not mere historical figures. They represent the active opposing forces within our souls. The soul unanchored in the troubled and turbid tide that is civilization, like Noah, needs faith and perseverance to reach the highlands of safety. Man cannot live outside of, or away from God because God is Truth. Man outside of faith is like Noah's son, outside of the Ark, lost in the turbulence of his own ego and the falsity of his self-sufficiency. God wants the returning soul to return to His Presence in the Abode of Peace {Dar es Salaam}. The Ark is the Quran.'

'There is only One Light {Noor} and there are as many darkness's as there are deeds and motivations misaligned with God.'

'Heaven and Hell are stations of consciousness not limited to or by the body and the material. They are defined of necessity in material and bodily terms, to make allowance for the limits of our experience and imagination, in the here and now of our worldly lives. The conscious spirit in Heaven is in a state of sublime awareness. Nothing intrinsically good--the essence of beauty {Hasana}--is ever lost to it. Every kernel of goodness is both the kernel and its blossom.'

'Hell is a place that the unawakened soul fashions for itself. Unable to discern Reality, it is trapped in the illusion of the body, burdened by the yoke of its inflated ego. In the darknesses of rebellious ignorance and callous disregard, light has the feel of fire; 'unending' misery of a soul still trapped in the illusion of 'form and time'. The body that disregarded the spirit becomes the fuel of the fire of purification...'
About the Author
What inspired you to write this book?I cannot ascribe a singular trigger; in the mix are many reminders of mortality through departed friends, failing anchors and truthful mirrors. Life's sunset years prod one onto an introspective quest for both a deeper meaning to life and its approaching legacy. Growing old should be viewed as a spiritual gift; bearing introspection through fear and hope and with it, the seeds of change and renewal. What started as a personal journey into the Qur'an became a journey inwards. This book is really a journal, directed at myself and then at anyone whose hatred or intolerance of another springs from a difference of belief.

When you look around today at a world so embroiled in economic and religious turmoil, where do you find beauty?

Beauty takes root in the fields of turmoil. Beauty is to shed a cleansing tear in the midst of grief. Beauty is to return hatred with understanding and kindness. Beauty is to resist the temptation of retribution. Beauty is to speak for the voiceless. Beauty is to bear pain without despair. Beauty is to forgive your enemy for their excesses. Beauty is to reach out to others and share in their loss especially when your own wounds are still fresh and open. Beauty is to share your plate especially when it seems there is not enough on it. Beauty is to drop your sword when you feel that it is being swung in the blindness of anger. Beauty is a process and not a thing. It flows from the heart and it can flow for as long as the heart can beat. No one except God can take away our capacity to awaken this process.

From the Author
You have been diligently speaking at interfaith events, to build spiritual bridges. Tell me about a surprising impact you had on someone of another faith and then tell me about an impact someone else had on you?Every time I come back from an interfaith meeting, I come back with an acute sense of my own deficits. My counterparts in these meetings have served as reminders that one enriches oneself by listening to others. I have met people who are very good listeners. I have been invited to do a book-reading during a church-worship. I hope that I will not fall short in deference. We Muslims have some legitimate gripes especially in the political domain but I submit that any injustice opens up a spiritual door. We must make a positive contribution to our environment and the very first thing that we can deliver with full control is the removal of our own internal demons. I am reminded of a Doha by Kabeer:

I set out to look for evil in another, I found none
I set my sight inwards and found worse than me is no other.

Something else you say that I found moving is We cannot grow spiritually by rote recitals or robotic rituals. I feel like Muslims, Christians and Jews have all fallen victim to this in the last few decades. What are the first steps we can collectively take to abandon that kind of religious living?

The most important step that we can take as Muslims is learn to 'receive' the Arabic Qur'an and let God talk to us from inside of our hearts. Guidance is from God, Al-Haadi. We bring nothing to this tryst except our thirst and willingness. God repeatedly reminds us of His attributes so that we may develop a consciousness of true Beauty and be drawn ever closer to it. How can we develop a consciousness of love without overcoming hatred? How can we discover compassion and forgiveness if no one ever wrongs us? How could we ever approach Unity without first knowing that every creature is the form of God's Word 'Kun'. A lover is always in fear of abandonment by his or her own Beloved. When one is immersed in love there is no other place to be!

Who are some of the people that have inspired you spiritually?

The Qur'an speaks to the loss of spirituality with passing generations; the purest, most profusely from the first generation; less radiant and less profuse in latter generations. Yes the companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, are the first generation--profusely pure. They deserve the promise of God's Gaze for the devotion they found and renewed with each of many hardships. I cannot help thinking though that this 'first' generation would also have room for the first generation of converts (reverts if you will) in latter periods; those who have come into Islam from the wilderness of a spiritual quest. I am deeply influenced by many in the contemporary -'first'-generation. They include such luminaries as Martin Lings, Muhammad Asad and Lex Hixon. May God reward them for their works.


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