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Durrul Mukhtar Sharhu Tanvirul Absar: Imam Haskafi (ARB-ENG)
[Ai#4010 3H5 HB 472pp, Kitab Bhavan Tr. Justice M.B. Dayal, Hanafi Fiqh, Marriage, Dower, Talaaq, Rig]

The Durr-ul-Mukhtar 
Muhammad Ala-ud-din Haskafi Being The Commentary of 

The Tanvir-ul-Absar of Muhammad bin Abdullah Tamartashi 

Translator : Justice M.B. Dayal
Hardback 472 Pages 
English Translation with Arabic Text 
Publisher : Kitab Bhavan, India 


About The Book

The Durr-ul-Mukhtar, was originally written in Arabic in the year 1070 Hijri by al-Shaykh Muhammad Ala' ad-Din Haskafi Allah be pleased with him, who was the long standing Grand Mufti of Damascus. The present volume; the Arabic Text of the Tanvirul Absar has been translated with great authority into English by Justice M.B.Dayal and published in India.

This comprehensive volume deals with topics, such as: Marriage, Dower, Talaaq, Rights and Obligations of Spouses, Talqah, Wakf, Gift, Will and Inheritance.

Durr-ul-Mukhta is an established work and it is not in need of any major introduction to enhance its reputation. It has been referred to by all contemporary writers on Islamic Law & Shariah in the Sub-continent. 

This is a word to word, and page to page exact reproduction of the classic Durr-ul-Mukhtar. This book will be useful to all members of society, from scholars to students of Islamic Shariah, as well as ordinary members of the public. 

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