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A Wall Poster: Life of Muhammad (S) & Early History of Islam
[#4107 2z2, Laminated. Beautifully Presented 59x42cm, Limited Edition, Ideal For Classroom, Displays]

A Wall Poster: Life of Muhammad (S) & Early History of Islam

The Sirah Of Prophet Muhammed
A Wall Poster

Life of the Final Messenger and the Early History of Islam Beautifully Presented in a Chart
59x41 cm 23x16" appx
Prepared By Mufti Ahmad

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The Short Bio Of Prophet Muhammed with Whom mercy and peace

570: Birth of the Prophet on Monday, 9th or 12 Rabiul awwal in Mecca. His father was already dead when he was born.

575-576: The death of the Prophet’s mother.

578: The death of the Prophet’s grandfather and custodian ‘Abd al-Mut talib. The Prophet’s uncle Abu Ta lib became his guardian.

610:The first revelation of the Qur’an.

612-613: The Prophet started calling people to Islam publicly.

614: The first immigration of Muslims to Abyssinia escaping the persecution of the idol-worshipping Meccans. They stayed there for three months. A second immigration to Abyssinia, involving more Muslims, took place later on. This time, the immigrants stayed in Abyssinia until 628 CE when they rejoined the Prophet in al-Madina.

615 The tribe of Quraysh imposed economic and social sanctions on Muslims and the clan of Prophet Muhammad, Hashim.

618-619 The collapse of the sanctions.

618-619 The death of Abu T a lib, the Prophet’s uncle, triggering increased hostility from the Meccans toward the Prophet.

622 The emigration of the Prophet from Mecca to al-Madina.

624 The first major battle of the Muslims against the disbelievers, known as the battle of Badr.

625: the second battle known as the battle of Uhad.

627: The Battle of Khandaq (Ahzab).

630:The Muslims conquered Mecca without fighting.

632: The last revelation of the Qur’an.

632: The departure of the Prophet from this world in al-Madina.

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