Kursi Par Namaz Ke Masail By Mufti Abdul Raoof Sikhravi: Urdu
[Ai#4278 5B2 PB 55pp Areeb publications, how about to perform salah on chair]

Kursi Par Namaz Ke Masail
(Urdu Book)

Is me kursi par namaz padhne ke zaruri masail likhe gaye hain

By Hazrath Maulana Mufti Abdul Raoof Sikhravi Sahib
Paperback 55 Pages
Publisher : Areeb Publications, India

About The Book

​Is kitaab me kursi par namaz adaa karne ke tamaam zaruri masail pesh kiye gaye hain.

This book unfolds the issues regarding to that how about to perform salah by setting down on the chair and others.

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