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Commentary on the Forty Hadith of Al-Nawawi: Zarabozo 2 Vol Set
[DD#0431 4E1 HB 2vol. 1404pp, Jamaal al-Din M.Zarabozo,Al-Basheer / Prof. Jaafar Sheikh Idris. Logica]

Commentary on the Forty Hadith of Al-Nawawi
By Jamaal al-Din M.Zarabozo
2 Volumes beautifully Presented

HardBack 1404 pages
Dar Dawat Al-Basheer For Publication

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A comprehensive work consisting of 2 Volumes commenting on al-Nawawi¦s Forty Hadith. by Jamaal al-Din M. Zarabozo

With an Introduction by Prof. Jaafar Sheikh Idris.Here are just a few excerpts from Prof. Jaafar Sheikh Idris¦s comments to the work.
The reader will not be studying explanations of the hadith in a narrow sense; the reader will, in fact, be introduced to many branches of the Islamic sciences: the different sciences of hadith, the science of textual interpretation, the science of jurisprudence, law, and even Arabic language.
This is a great commentary on a great book. Brother Jamaal Zarabozo is to be congratulated for producing such a scholarly book. --Prof. Jaafar Sheikh Idris T

This commendable work offers a detailed analysis of forty of the most important hadith of the Prophet (S) for a Muslim to understand. Beginning with a biography of Imam Al-Nawawi, the author then explains each hadith in depth. Each hadith features the Arabic text, English translation, selected vocabulary in Arabic with English translation, general comments, circumstances behind the hadith, brief biography of the narrator and then a detailed commentary that explains the hadith's major subjects. Each subject is studied from a logical and shariah point of view, deducing the lessons of the hadith for the reader. The author then familiarises the reader with the interpretations of the great scholars and provides his own interpretation. 'An important study for any student of hadith'.

Jamaal al-Din M.Zarabozo
Born in France to Spanish catholic parents. He grew up in California, and in 1976 he converted to Islam. He has a bachelors degree in economics from the university of California at Berkeley, and a masters in economics from the university of California at Davis.

He is a well known American based Islamic scholar, lecturer, and author of numerous books on Islam and speaker of many lectures on Islam.

  • A new translation and commentary of the hadiths.
  • A thorough commentary on each hadith.
  • A list of Arabic words and phrases.
  • A discussion of the status of the hadith.
  • Biographical sketches of the companions.
  • A presentation and discussion of scholarly interpretations of each hadith.
  • An introduction to technical terms.

 The Compendium Of Knowledge And Wisdom| Jami'al-'Ulum wal-Hikam 
The Compendium Of Knowledge And Wisdom Ibn Rajab's  Commentary of Nawawis forty Hadith  
Al Fathul Mubin Bi Sharhil Arba'in, Arabic Ibn Hajar Al Haytami
Al Fathul Mubin Bi Sharhil Arba'in, Arabic Ibn Hajar Al Haytami
An-Nawawi:The Complete Forty Hadith Arabic-English& Commentary
An-Nawawi:The Complete Forty Hadith Arabic-English& Commentary  


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