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Al-Liss Wal Kilab: Arabic A Level Text/Literary Option, EDEXCEL
[M#4417 5C2 PB 128pp, Naoguib Mahfouz, Ghassan Mahir, MM Books (The thief and the Dogs), A2-Text 1 2]

Al-Liss Wal Kilab: Arabic GCE/A2-Text 1
Author Ghassan Mahir
Paperback: 128 pages 2008 Edition
Publisher: MM Books

The GCE A2 Course Book Set
Based on the requirement of the lates edexcel advanced level A2, this set of book is the first of its kind, written specially for the arabic A2 course.The A2 course books set contains books for the topic (non-literary option) and text (literary option). Each of these book contains text, summaries, explanation, analysis and criticism, in addition to brief advice on studying and how to plan your essay writing.

Al-Lis Wal-Kilab
This Book Al-lis wla-kilab (the thief and the Dogs), contains requirement for the first text (literary option) of the final A-level, or A2 Year.

It includes:
  • A Brief Biography of the author Naoguib Mahfouz
  • A Summary of the novel
  • A description of the personality of Sa'id Mahran, the main Cahracter in the novel, and discussion of the factor that have contributed to this.
  • Discussion about the main character of the novel was a victim of circumstances or victim of his own making, providing different answer in three seperate section.
  • Four More section discussing the other characters and there role in the life of the main character.
  • Seven Essays highlighting the different ideas and themes that the author has presented.
  • Three Essays on the styles used by the author
  • A final section entitled "If I Was Sa'id Mahran.
ISBN 9781908871220

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