Durable Quran Cover With Velcro Fastening A5 Medium
[#4541 1N1, Quran Cover Azhar Academy, Size: 21 cm x 44 cm, Qur'an Cover Green, Blue, Brown, and Burg]

Durable Quran Cover With Velcro Fastening

Size: 21 cm x 44 cm
Manufacturer : Azhar Academy
Ideal for use with Qur'an (13 Lines) South African or Standard osque Size
About The Product
Durable Qur'an cover with velcro fastening. Ideal for use with Qur'aan (13 Lines). Usually available in a variety of fours colours: 
Green, Blue, Brown, and Burgundy.

Weight: 105

In Stock: 9
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Is it not a guidance for them, how many generations We have destroyed before them in whose dwellings they do walk about? Verily, therein indeed are signs. Would they not then listen? 
(TM Qur'an 32.26) "The Interpretation of The Meanings of The Noble Qur'an "

"Our Lord grant us  from Yourself mercy and prepare for us from our affair in the right guidance "
TM Qur'an Surah al-Kahf 18:10  English Meanings Revised and Edited by Saheeh International