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Seeds of Admonishment And Reform: Imam Ibn al-Jawzi (Kitab Al-
[#4582 4G2 PB 224pp,Lata'if fil Wa'iz,Dar As-Sunnah Classic Collection, Tr: Ayman ibn Khalid. human]

Seeds of Admonishment And Reform: Imam Ibn al-Jawzi (Kitab Al-
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Seeds of Admonishment And Reform 

Kitab al-Lata'if fil Wa'iz By Imam Ibn al-Jawzi

English Translation By Ayman ibn Khalid
Paperback 224 Pages
ISBN : 9781904336396
Publisher : Dar As-Sunnah
About The Book
This is the fifth installment in the book series, of the illustrious and inimitable scholar of  the sixth  century Hijri, Imam Ibn al-jawzi, May Allah mercy upon him. The author penned this rare and deeply thought-provoking work with remarkable prose, accompanied with intense imagery designed to impart profound points of benefit harvested from the Qur'an and Suunah. His lessons are uniquely arranged and gleam with exquisite expressions- deigned to council the intellect to reflect, and heart to reform.
Being a timely translation, its message reflects the challenge of the human condition that continues to divert mankind with the blinding effect of this transient and material world – and bring back the real focus on mankind’s purpose and responsibility on earth.
The Author has extracted from an array of topics what will jolt the hearts and moisten the eyes, while strengthening the resolve to return to Allah and aspire for loftier goals to succeed in this life and the next. And there is no might or power, except with Allah.
About the Author
'Abu'l-Faraj Jamal al-Din Abdul Rahman ibn Ali Ibn Muhammad ibn Ali Ibn Ubayd Allah Ibn al-Jawzi al-Qurashi al Tamimi al Bakri al-Baghdadi al-Hanbali (509/510-597) :was the Imam of Hanbalis and foremost orator of kings and commoners in his time, whose gatherings reportedly reached one hundred thousand. A hadith master, philologist, commentator of Qur'an, expert jurist, physician, and historian of superb character and exquisite manners.
 Ibn al-Jawzi was a prolific author of over seven hundred books. He was the author of a vast number of works of which several have been printed in recent times. He was famous as a preacher and the traveler Ibn Jubair gives an enthusiastic account of two of his sermons heard in Baghdad.
He was born in 509/510 AH the city of Baghdad and grew up studying under the leading scholars of the time, He also was noted for his scholarship in the fields of history, linguistics, tafseer and fiqh. In fact, he became the leading scholar of the Hanbali Madhab of his time and played an important role in reviving and spreading it, especially after the become a favorite of the Abbasid Caliph, al Mustadi
Ibn al-Jawzi was severely tried towards the end of his life when his criticism of Shaykh `Abd al-Qadir al-Gilani - his senior of forty years - led to accusations made against him to the Sultan al-Nasir by the Shaykh's children and supporters.  He was taken from Baghdad to the city of Wasit where he remained imprisoned for five years.
Ibn al-Jawzi passed away in 597 AH,  two years after his  release from Imprisonment.

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