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Complete Illustrated Guide To Islam:History, Philosophy,Practice
[#4698 3I5 HB 256pp Hermes House, 500+ Illustrations, Raana Bokhari, Mohammad Seddon, Charles]

Complete Illustrated Guide To Islam:History, Philosophy,Practice

The Complete Illustrated Guide To Islam
A Comprehensive Guide to the History, Philosophy and Practice of Islam Around the World, With more than 500 Beautiful Illustrations

By Raana Bokhari, Charles Phillips, and Mohammed Seddon 
Consultant : Dr Riad Nourallah
Hardback 256 Pages
Large Portrait - Table-Top Book 
Publisher :
Hermes House

A stunning visual study of one of the world's great and diverse religions.

About The Book

Islam is a powerful force in today's world. Statistically, Muslims represent around a quarter of the global population, some 1.4 billion people. This book offers a refreshing, balanced portrait of Islam, its core beliefs and doctrine, religious practices and its history.

An in-depth history of the Islamic faith, from Allah's revelations to the Prophet Muhammad  in the 7th century to the thriving Muslim world of the 21st century. A fascinating overview of the spiritual aspects of Islam as well as its wider influence on social institutions  including marriage, the family, businesses, courts and government.

Describes the distinguishing features of the Sunni, Shia and Sufi denominations. Features the traditions, teachings and texts central to the religion and discusses the significance of holy sites, prayer and pilgrimage.

The first part explores the history, beliefs and worship practices of Muslim life, and the second part focuses on the rich heritage of art and architecture of the Islamic world, including Qur'an manuscripts, pottery, tiling, carvings, carpets, costumes, palaces and mosques.

Gloriously illustrated with more than 1000 paintings, artworks, maps and photographs, the book offers an excellent overview of a complex religion and its artistic and architectural achievements.

It features a survey of beautiful design and architectural accomplishments, from calligraphy, ceramics and carpets to mosques, bazaars and palaces. It includes maps, fine-art paintings and a guide to the world's greatest museum collections of Islamic art today.

It is an unparalleled reference book for the general reader, superbly illustrated with over 500  paintings, photographs, artworks and maps.

  • Muhammad: Man and Prophet
  • The History of Islam
  • Islamic Beliefs
  • Worship and Religious Practice
  • Muslim Life
  • Morality, Ethics and Law
  • Unity and Division

About The Authors

Raana Bokhari PhD in Religious Studies is based at Lancaster University, UK. Her specialist research area is women and Islam, and she has lectured extensively in this field.

Charles Phillips, contributor, is author of more than 20 books, including histories of religion.

Dr Mohammad Seddon is currently lecturer in Muslim Studies at the University of Chester. He has published a number of related works including, British Muslims: Loyalty and Belonging (2003) and, British Muslims Between Assimilation and Segregation: Historical, Legal & Social Realities (2004). 

Dr Riad Nourallah, consultant , is Senior Lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy of London. He has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and has taught at the American University of Beirut, and Durham and Cambridge universities in the UK

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