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Al-Kindi: The Philosopher of the Arabs By George N. Atiyeh
[#4853 3I2 HB 244pp, Kitab Bhavan, Philosophy, Islamic, treatise metaphysics,astronomy]

Al-Kindi : The Philosopher of the Arabs 
By George N. Atiyeh
Hardback 244 Pages
ISBN : 9788171511877
Publisher : Kitab Bhavan, India
About The Book
In this book an attempt is made to present al-Kindi’s philosophy in comprehensive way for the general readers and the students of Arab-Muslims thought. Al-Kindi contributed a lot in philosophical and scientific sphere. The present treatise based on metaphysics and astronomy. It also deals the problems relation between philosophy, religion and ethics.
About Al-Kindi
Abu Yusuf Yaqub ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi (born in Kufah Iraq c801 AD) is the father of Islamic Philosophy. He was also a scientist of high caliber a gifted Mathematician, astronomer, physician and a geographer as well as a talented musician.
All-Kindi served as a translator and editor of Greek philosophical works at the court of the Abbasid caliphs al-Ma'mun and Mu'tasim. He was well versed in ancient learning and devoted his life to its dissemination in all areas of Muslim culture. 
He Died c873 AD in Baghdad Iraq.

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