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Hisn-E-Haseen By Allamah Muhammad Al-Jazri, ARB-ENG
[DI#4863 3I5 HB 302pp A5 size Idara, Tr. Muhammad Rafeeq, comprehensive Collection of Masnoon Duas]

A Comprehensive Collection of Masnun Duas
Based on Hisn-E-Haseen 

By Allama Muhammad bin Muhammad Al-Jazri Ashaafi'ee (Ra)
Urdu Rendering By Hadhrat Moulana Idris Mairathi 
English Rendering By Muhammad Rafeeq Ibne Moulana Ahmed Hathurani
Prepared By Khanqah-e-Sheikh Zakariyya (S.Africa)
Hardback 302 Pages A5 size
9788171013203, 8171013201
Publisher : Idara Impex, New Delhi, India (2015 Ed.)

Arabic - English

About The Book

A comprehensive collection of masnoon du'as for all occasions, prayers, etiquette of du'a, and much more in Arabic with English translation by Muhammad Rafeeq Ibne Moulana Ahmed Hathurani.

A compilation of the supplications of our Holy Prophet (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) written by the well known scholar of Hadith, Allamah Ibn Al-Jazri (RA).
The original work is in Arabic and was translated later on in different languages. it covers an introduction which details eleven parts on just duas. The book then covers further the duas throughout the life of a Muslim, various forms of Zikr, virtues of reciting the Holy Qur`an, duas recited by Rasoolullah (SAW), excellence of invoking Salawaat upon Rasoolullah (SAW) English and Arabic text.

About The Author

Allamah Muhammad Al-Jazri  Completed this work in Zil Hijjah of the year 791 AH in Damascus. One of his students writes the Epilogue whilst Damascus was under siege : "No Water was allowed to enter the  centre of the city, the surroundings of the city have been put to fire and most of the villages in the surrounding have been destroyed" At a time like this He says He Made this book his sanctuary. An Excellent Classical Collection of Du'a and Dhikr.
This book has been translated from the ‘Arabic in to Urdu by Mufti Muhammad Aashiq Elahi who took this task in the year of Shawwal 1399 and finished it 4 ½ months later.

He writes in his forward:

“I recall having seen a copy of Hisn Haseen the first in the library of Mawlana Muhammad Ilyas Kandahlawi. I was a young boy. I was studying mazahir ‘Uluum, Saharanpur and I used to visit the Mawlana during Vacations, I was not then a student of Hadith nor had gained much intellectuality but developed a peculiar relationship with Hisn Haseen. Then after few years (when I had finished my studies of Hadith), I composed masnoon Du’ayn at the request of some friends and it was well received. During its composition, I had to study the Hisn Haseen often and came to value it more and realized that it was a comprehensive book indeed”


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ISBN 9788171013203

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