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Essential Pearls & Gems of Ibn Taymiyyah By Dr. M. Al-'Arifi
[#4935 4B4 HB 547pp,Selection from the writings of Shaykh Al-Islam, Darussalam, Tr. Nasiruddin al-Kha]

Essential Pearls & Gems of Ibn Taymiyyah By Dr. M. Al-\'Arifi

The Essential Pearls & Gems of Ibn Taymiyyah  : Slections From The Writings Of Shaykh Al-Islam
By Dr. Muhammad Al-'Arifi
Translator: Nasiruddin al-Khattab
Hardback 547 Pages
ISBN : 9786035002745
Publisher : Darussalam (2013)

About The Book

This book is about one of the greatest scholars and reformers of islam, Shaykh al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah. This book looks into Ibn Taymiyyah's  early life, his lineage all the way up to his death. An Excellent book for those who want to learn more about the past scholars.

In this book, Dr. Muhammad Ibn Abd ar-Rahman al-'Arifi has selected material from the huge corpus of Ibn Taymiyyah's work and made it accessible to the ordinary reader so that he may learn about the thought of this great scholar of Islam.

From the Back Cover of The Book

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah  is one of the greatest scholars and reformers in Islamic history, who emerged at time of great turmoil and confusion to call the Muslims to return to the path of the Quran and Sunnah, the path of the Prophet (S) and the early generations of this ummah (Salaf).

Ibn Taymiyyah wrote many books, often under the most difficult of circumstances, that describe the path of the salaf and discuss the arguments of Muslim philosophers and of the Baatini and Raafidi groups, pointing out the flaws therein. His thoughts and arguments are still relevant today, at a time that is in many ways similar to his own era. The ummah is in turmoil, faced with decline and confusion, seeking a way out and beginning to realize, after trying so many isms and ideologies, and after being exposed to Raafidi propaganda and corrupt ideas, that the only way to escape this situation is to go back to the path of the Salaf, the path of the Prophet (PBUH) and the Sahabah.

About Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyah

Shaykh al-Islam Taqi ud-Din Abu'l-Abbas Ahmad Ibn al-Halim ibn Abd al-Salam Ibn Taymiyah al-Hanbali was born in , 661 AH (1263 AC) in Haran, which is now in Eastern Turkey, near the border of northern Iraq.

His family had long been renowned for its learning , among his teachers, was Shams ud-Din Al-Maqdisi, first Hanbali Chief Justice of Syria following the reform of the judiciary by Baibars. The number of Ibn Taimiyah's teachers exceeds two hundred. Ibn Taimiyah was barely seventeen, when Qadi Al-Maqdisi authorized him to issue Fatwa (legal verdict). 

Qadi remembered with pride that it was he who had first permitted an intelligent and learned man like Ibn Taimiyah to give Fatwa. At the same age, he started delivering lectures. When he was thirty, he was offered the office of Chief Justice, but refused, as he could not persuade himself to follow the limitations imposed by the authorities.

Imam Ibn Taimiyah's education was essentially that of a Hanbali theologian and jurisconsult. But to his knowledge of early and classical Hanbalism, he added not only that of the other schools of jurisprudence but also that of other literature.

He had an extensive knowledge of Quran, Sunnah, Greek philosophy, Islamic history, and religious books of others, as is evident from the variety of the books he wrote.

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