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7 Steps to Spiritual Intelligence Based On Classical Teachings
[#5112 1C2 PB 125pp P/Size9781847740786 Kube Publishing, By Musharraf Hussain, How to come closer to]

7 Steps to Spiritual Intelligence : Based on Classical Islamic Teachings
By Musharraf Hussain
Paperback 125 Pages, Pocket Size
ISBN : 9781847740786
Publisher : Kube Publishing

About The Book

How do we develop a spiritual life? How do we change ourselves so that we can live by the universal spiritual values of Islam? 7 Steps to Spiritual Intelligence tells us how to come closer to God in seven steps: through genuine seeking of God, discipleship of a spiritual director, learning and understanding spiritual intelligence, simplicity and contentment, striving to practise, remembering God and praying to Him, and self-inspection and self-control.

Based on the teachings of classical scholars including Imam Ghazali  and upon years of practical experience in teaching young Muslims, Dr Musharraf Hussain has given us a contemporary and highly accessible way to understand and apply Islamic teachings to spirituality.

About The Author

Dr Musharraf Hussain is an Imam and Chairman of governors of an Islamic School, he studied biochemistry and Islam under Justice Pir Muhammad Karam and later at Azhar University, Cairo.  Dr Hussain was a member of the  Muslim Council of Britain mission aimed at securing the release of hostages in Baghdad.


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