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Sacred Sites : Mosques By Razia Grover ( World's Great Mosques)
[I#5127 3A1, HB 144pp, Roli Books, Photos, Architecture, Mosques Development In Islam]

Sacred Sites : Mosques By Razia Grover ( World\'s Great Mosques)

Sacred Sites : Mosques 
By Razia Grover
Hardback 144 Pages
ISBN : 9788174364418
Publisher: Roli Books, New Delhi, India. 

About The Books

The story of the world's great mosques is intrinsically related to the story and spread of Islam. 

Against the canvas of the rise and fall of great Islamic dynasties, this book takes the reader on a fascinating journey to ancient lands, where some of the greatest architectural marvels of history were created. "Mosques" charts the development of the mosque in countries and kingdoms across the world, from the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam, and the founding of the first Muslim congregational place of prayer, to the mosque's place in the modern age. 

Accompanied throughout with stunning photography, highlighting the architectural features of these beautifully designed buildings, "Mosques" documents one of the most dynamic religious movements of all time.


1. The Mosque in History
2. Jerusalem
3. Damascus
4. North Africa and Andalusia
5. Mesopotamia
6. Egypt
7. Turkey
8. Persia
9. Central Asia
10. The Indian Subcontinent
11. Contemporary Mosques 

About the Author

Razia Grover has edited books and magazines for the last twenty-five years. Her interest in architectural history was strongly influenced by her late architect-author husband, Satish Grover, and from her years as Editor of Architecture + Design, India's premier professional magazine on architecture.


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