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Contemporary Interpretation of Islamic Law: Ahmed & Hassan Affi
[1r2 PB 384pp Matador, Criminal, social laws, Analysis, Discussion, Shari'ah]

Contemporary Interpretation of Islamic Law: Ahmed & Hassan Affi

Contemporary Interpretation of Islamic Law
By Ahmed Affi and Hassan Affi 
Paperback 384 pages
ISBN : 9781783062133
Publisher : Matador 

Description by the Publishers

This book does not champion some of the popular misconceptions surrounding Islamic law. It does not advocate stoning to death; amputating the hands of thieves; call for the death penalty for those who leave the fold of Islam; or urge Muslims to save their souls from Hellfire by shunning bank loans for fear of incurring interest. What it does advocate is less sensationalistic, but it is in line with the real interpretation of Islamic law. 

Contemporary Interpretation of Islamic Law is divided into thirteen chapters. The majority of the chapters concentrate on criminal aspects of Islamic law, while the remainder concern themselves with social issues. Each chapter - where possible - provides background information of the topic under discussion and then proceeds to analyse, examine and critique the contentious parts of the topic, looking at the arguments from all sides and the evidence put forward by each side before arriving at a conclusion. The book is accompanied by a glossary. 

"Our work differs from other published titles on Islamic law as it takes into account the different aspects of the Qur'an. The Qur'an employs many parables, allegories and metaphors to highlight important messages for Mankind, yet jurists often make the common mistake of either omitting or misinterpreting these devices, resulting in inaccurate and often unlawful rulings which have direct and indirect effects on both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is hoped that our work will create a better understanding of the correct interpretation of the Qur'an and Islamic law," says authors Ahmed Affi and Hassan Affi. Contemporary Interpretation of Islamic Law will appeal to those with an interest in Islam and Islamic law, though no specialist knowledge of Arabic or Islamic law is required.

About The Authors

Ahmed Affi has over 40 years' of experience in studying, researching and teaching Islamic law and has extensive knowledge of Qur'anic and Hadith exegesis. After completing his undergraduate studies in Islamic law, he completed his Master's degree in Islamic Studies from the Muslim College in London. He has previously published Somali translations of parts of the Qur'an. In his spare time, he teaches Islamic law to the Muslim community in London and is working on the completion of translating the Qur'an into Somali.

Hassan Affi is a law graduate with a Master's degree in Public International Law from the University of London.


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