The Shafi'i Manual of Purity, Prayer & Fasting By Tashfeen Ekram
[#5169 1L1, PB 62pp, White Thread Press, Absolute Essentials Sunni shafi'i Fiqh law, Worship Alla]

The Shafi\'i Manual of Purity, Prayer & Fasting By Tashfeen Ekram

The Shafi'i Manual of Purity, Prayer & Fasting 
By Tashfeen Ekram
Paperback 62 Pages
Publisher : White Thread Press

About The Book

Allah has commanded us to worship and obey Him with sincerity, reverence, love, and gratitude. He says in the Quran: 

"And they are ordered only to serve Allah, keeping religion pure for Him, to remain upright, and to establish worship and to pay the poor due. That is true religion'' (98:5). 

This worship is not possible without knowledge. This short work outlines the absolute essentials of this knowledge. It is based on the methodology of traditional Sunni Islam, according to the Shafi'i school of Islamic law, and its purpose is to make ones worship valid, sound, and proper in a short amount of time.

About Imam Shafi'i

Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Idris  al- Shafi'i was a descended from the Hashimi family of the Quaraish tribe to which the Holy Prophet (SAW)  belonged.

He was born in Gaza, Palestine, and was raised in Makkah, his parents' home town. He memorized the holy Qur'an while he was still a young child. When he reached fifteen, his knowledge was so thorough, Muslim Ibn Khalid Al-Zinji, the Mufti of Makkah, told him: 'O Abu Abdullah, give fatawa (religious rulings), for by Allah it is time for you to do so!.

Imam Al-Shafi'i, Arabic jurist (150 AH/767 AD - 204 AH/820 AD). He was active in juridical matters and his teaching eventually led to the school of fiqh named after him. He was a man of vast knowledge and authority. Scholars gave him the honorific title 'Father of Usul Al-Fiqh" (The Patriarch of the Foundation of Islamic Jurisprudence)
Imam Shafiee died in the Year 204 A.H./ 820 C.E. and  was laid to rest in Egypt.

Read more :A Brief Biography of Imam Shaf'ee (Rah)

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