Quraan Made Easy Arabic-English A5 Old Edition, IBS
[#5216 2A2 PB 888pp Islamic Book Service, By Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias, Contemporary English, 1 Book]

Quraan Made Easy 
Arabic Text With English Translation 

By Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias
Now in one binding
Paperback 888 Pages 
Size A5
ISBN : 9788172316990 
Publisher : Islamic Book Service (IBS), India.

Arabic - English

About The Book

This is an English translation of the Complete Quran in Contemporary English to make reading much easier and more understandable. 

The layout is based on two columns. One with the Arabic verses, the other has the English translation with explanatory notes in brackets within the translation rather than separately in the footnotes. 

A summary of each surah, alongwith its link with the surah before it is also included.

The Arabic verse is followed by the English translation underneath and includes explanatory notes within the translation rather than separately in the footnotes.

The Arabic Text used is Simple Persian Script (Indo/Pak style) so as to make it easy for all those who are us to this easy script.

Commonly known Arabic words such as Rabb, Kuffar and names are not translated as these are second nature to most Muslims, however there is a glossary at the end for those new to Islam.

Please note : Some Errors in the Arabic Text Have been detected. This Version should only be used for the English translation.


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