Arabic Writing: Book 3 By Muhammad Imran Erfani, Goodword
[#5469 3A4 PB 40pp 9788178986296, Children, Calligraphy, Learn Skills, Alif Baa Taa..., Letter trace,]

Arabic Writing: Book 3 By Muhammad Imran Erfani, Goodword

Goodword: Arabic Writing
Book 2

By Muhammad Imran Erfani
Paperback 40 Pages
ISBN: 9788178986296
Publisher :
Goodword Books

About The Book

This series is perfect for your children to practice their Arabic writing skills. These books will bring out the latent calligraphers in them. This is perfect book for children to help them learn to write Arabic. 

Every letter is shown brightly and on every page children have the opportunity to trace the letter they have just learned.


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