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Fathul Allam Sharh Bulugh al-Maram, Muassasatul Ma'arif, Arabic
[DB#5542 6E3 HB. 4 Vol. Muassasatul Ma'arif, Matn: Imam Asqalani, Sharh: Shaykh Qanuji, Hadith, Shafi]

Fathul Allam Sharh Bulugh al-Maram

Matn  Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani
Sharh By Shaykh Siddiq Hasan Al-Bukhari Al-Qanuji 

Taaliq & Takhrij: Mohammed Subhi Hasan Hallaq
Taqdim By Abdul Wahhab bin Lutf al Dailami 

Hardback 4 Volumes  
Publisher : Muassasatul Ma'arif, Beirut, Lebanon

About The Book

This book is the Sharh (Explanation) of the famous book Bulugh al-Maram  A Collection of Ahadith of our Prophet which have been the sources of Islamic Jurisprudence according to the Shafi'i Fiqh

Originally written and compiled in the 8th century by the great scholar Al Hafiz Ibn Hajar Asqalani.
The Ahadith are mostly from the Sahih Sitta
(The 6 authentic hadith collections, namely Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, An Nisaee, Ahmed and At-Tirmidhi).
Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani has also recorded the true significance of the Ahadith and their origins & also made a comparison of the versions, if the sources are more than one.

Among the topic that this book covers are subjects ranging from marriage, business transactions to other more implicit aspect of the religion such as the five pillars.


Abul Fadl Shihab al-Din Ahmad ibn Ali al-Kannani al-Asqalani, better known by the name of Imam Ibn Hajar, was born in Cairo in 773/1372.

He began his studies at the age of five and completed the memorisation of the Quran by the age of nine.A Shafi'i scholar and hadith master, he studied under renowned scholars in Cairo, Yemen and the Hijaz. Known as Shaykh al-Islam, scholars travelled from far away lands to take in knowledge from him.

He authored many works on hadith, history, biography, Quranic exegesis, poetry and Shafi'i jurisprudence; among the most famous of them is his fourteen-volume commentary on Sahih al-Bukhari called Fath al-Bari.

He passed away in Cairo in 852/1449.

Shaikh Muhammad Siddiq Hasan Khan  [1832-1890] After Shah Wali Allah, he was  the most powerful advocate of  Ibn Taimayya  in the Indian Sub-Continent. 
He was a  veteran scholar and prolific  writer from Bhopal. His teacher, Shaikh Abd al Haqq Muhaddith of Benaras, was a pupil of Qadi Shaukani. He strove hard to propagate’ Ibn Taimiyyas ideas and, moreover, to remove misunderstandings by presenting them in their proper historical perspective. His Itahaf al-Nubala, Abjad al ‘Uum, Taqsar, and al- Taj al- Mukallal contain eloquent tributes, to Ibn Taimiyya’s contribution to Islamic thought. He considered him and his pupil Hafiz Ibn Qayyim as the Mujaddids of the eleventh century

He received  education of  the Holy Quran and Hadith from Maulvi Mohammad Yaqoob. Among his teachers were Sheikh Yahaya Ibn Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Hasan Al-Harzami, Qazi of Aden and Allama Sayyed Noaman Khair Uddin Alusi, Mufti of Baghdad.

SIDDIQUE HASAN KHAN was both celebreted and controversial leader of India's muslim comunity in the 19th century, often considered to be the most important Muslim scholar of BHOPAL state. He is largely credited with founding the reformist AHL AL HADITH movement, which became the dominant strain of Sunni Islam throughout the immediate region.  All his  writings won popularity among the Islamic scholars.

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