Seerah Nabawiyyah Ibn Hisham 4 vol In One
[DD#6045 6G2 HB 856pp, Authentic Bio of The Prophet Muhammad s a w Maktab Assrya]

Seerah Nabawiyyah Ibn Hisham,4 vol. in 1 book: Arabic Only
By Abu Muhammad Abdul Malik ibn Hisham
Hardback 856 Pages
4 Volumes in 1 book
Publisher : Maktabat al-Asryya, Lebanon
ISBN 9789953345635

About The Book

The Prophet's biography occupies great status in the hearts of Muslims, since Muhammad (SAW) is our guide and a Mercy to Mankind Ibn Hesham says that he edited this biography and omitted certain details that were deemed too offensive to Muslims, he removed tales of people before the Prophet Ismail (AS) and tales of his sons and also a lot of probably unverifiable information (specially Poetry) from Ibn Ishaq's work.

About The Author

Abu Muhammad Abd al-Malik Ibn Hesham was born in Basra and died in Egypt (d218 AH.) he edited the biography of the Prophet Muhammad( Sirat Rasullullah) written by Ibn Ishaq (d.151 AH) , which is now lost.

Ibn Hisham was born in Egypt, studied in Kufa but lived afterwards in Egypt, where he gained a name as a grammarian and student of language and history. His family was of Himyarite origin and he also wrote Other Work.

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Seerah Nabawiyyah Ibn Hisham 4 vol In One
Seerah Nabawiyyah Ibn Hisham 4 vol In One

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Now, men may be either engrossed [in the world], penitent beginners, or arrived gnostics. The man engrossed does not remember death, or, if he does, it is with regret for his world, and he busies himself with disparaging death. The remembrance of death increases such a one in nothing but distance from God. 

From :Al Ghazali on The Remembrance of Death & the Afterlife From Ihya Ilum Ud Din Translated by Tim Winter