Carnival Book 3 Workbook Suitable for School Year 9
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Carnival Book 3 - Workbook
Suitable for Secondary School Year 9

Mahrajan : Al-Kitab al-Thalith - Kitaab al-Tamarin
Munasib Lil Dirasah al-Mutwassita al-Sanah al-Tasia'h

By Mariam Mahir, MA
Paperback 58  Pages
ISBN : 9781908871091
Publisher : MM Books

About The Book

As do all the books in the series, Book Three comes with a supplementary workbook. This teaching aid will prove useful to students who can allocate more time to studying Arabic, or to those who struggle with some of the concepts.

The third book of the series, target beginners who can read the Arabic alphabet and comprehend simple sentences, and places emphasis on the reading and responding approach, with much more writing and speaking (role-play) involved than the first two books of the series.

Book 3 of the series consists of six units, four of which concentrate on an area of student life and two on the Arab World. Each unit ends with an article or short story that is related to the topic of the unit.

To assess the student's development, two short tests are provided at the back of the book. 

The all new secondary school/pre-GCSE series consists of three books aimed at 11-14 year olds. The intention is to make the Arabic language more accessible to children so that they can gain a firm understanding of the four linguistic skills.

Key features

  • Short passages and dialogues
  • Mind maps (powerful visual tools to simplify teaching and aid memorisation)
  • Clipart / illustrations
  • Vocabulary lists and expression lists
  • Easy verb tense tables
  • Colour differentiation in all the above, as appropriate
  • An additional piece of Arabic at the end of each unit
  • Audio CD’s providing recordings of all the lesson texts and audio exercises, plus recordings of all the additional pieces at the end of the units
  • A workbook accompanying each of the three books

About The Author

Mariam Mahir is a London-based author and linguist. After completing her BA in Literature in 2003, she became a co-author of some of the educational textbooks published by M M Books, which teach Arabic based on the Edexcel syllabus: 'Talk with Me' and 'Short Stories'. 

She went on to complete her MA in Linguistics, after which she co-authored a new, innovative foundation series 'Arabic Made Easy', which includes 'My Little World' and 'Chatterbox!'. 

In 2008 she launched her own Key Stage 2 Arabic series 'Carnival', which she completed in 2010 and which has enjoyed continued success ever since, at schools both in the UK and abroad. 

She has also participated as co-author in A-level Arabic language books. During this time, Mariam Mahir worked as a fashion editor for a lifestyle magazine, and in fashion PR for a prominent fashion designer. She also worked in the field of Learning and Development for a non-profit organisation. 

More recently, she has been teaching English to overseas students, and works as a project manager at an education consultancy. She has also set up her own jewellery brand 'mimi g'. Mariam spends her time reading, writing and travelling, as well as designing and making jewellery.


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