I Promise (Girl power & the value of a promise) By Zanib Mian
[#6185 3B3 PB 36pp Colour Illustration: Maria Migo, A whimsical girl goes through life seeing one too]

I Promise 
By Zanib Mian
Illustrator : Maria Migo
Paperback 36 Pages
Full Colour Illustrations 
ISBN : 9780993564406
Publisher : Sweet Apple Publishers

About The Book

A whimsical girl goes through life seeing one too many broken promises, including a promise from a man to give her the world, so she decides to create a promise of her own - one that can never be broken! 

Join her on her travels and find out if she can give herself the world! A warm, endearing tale about girl power and the value of a promise, beautifully depicting the diversity of the world!


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