Robot That Said Moo By Zanib Mian (Colour Illustrations)
[#6187 3B3 PB 36pp Sweet Apple Publishers, Illustrated by Tugrul Karacan, Story, Children, Fun]

The Robot That Said Moo 
By Zanib Mian
Illustrated by Tugrul Karacan
Paperback 36 Pages
Size : 22 x 28 cm
ISBN : 9780956419699
Publisher : Sweet Apple Publishers (2016)

About The Book

Another of Zanib Mian's mainstream titles - The Robot That Said Moo is a delightful story, which children request time and time again!
A robot is lost, and when a farmer on a tractor, a dentist on a bike, a banker in a car, a plumber on foot, stop to help him, all he can say is, 'moo.' Whatever does he mean, and how will he get home? A lovable young boy called Elias, finally proves that the solution to a problem isn't always as clear as we think it is.


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