L Going to Mecca By Na'ma B. Robert (Colour Illustrations)
[#6198 3B4 HB 30pp Frances Lincoln, Illustrator: Valentina Cavallini, sacred journey, Hajj, Ka'aba, K]

Going to Mecca 
By Na'ima B. Robert
Illustrator : Valentina Cavallini
Hardback 30 Pages
Full Colour Illustrations
ISBN : 97818478015
Publisher : Frances Lincoln

About The Book

"Come with the pilgrims as they set out on a journey, a journey of patience to the city of Mecca." 

We are led on the journey of a lifetime to the city of Mecca - the pilgrimage known to Muslims as the Hajj. 

The pilgrims walk with heads bare and feet in sandals; they call to Allah; they kiss or point to the Black Stone, as the Prophet did. 

Arriving at Mecca, they surge round the Ka'aba, shave their heads and travel to Mount Arafat. 

Finally, though their bodies are tired and aching, their spirits are uplifted, knowing that with thousands of others they have performed the sacred pilgrimage. 

This is a window on to a sacred journey for Muslims the world over - beautifully described and illustrated for younger children.

About The Author

Na'ima B Robert is descended from Scottish Highlanders on her father's side and the Zulu people on her mother's side. She was born in Leeds, grew up in Zimbabwe.
She went on to gain a first-class degree from the University of London. Having worked in marketing, the performing arts, teaching and the travel and tourism industry, she now has a wonderful time being a mum, writing children's books and running SISTERS, a magazine for fabulous Muslim women.
She divides her time between South London and Egypt and is a wannabe Somali in her spare time, still struggling to learn to read it!


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