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Islam Guide: Insight into Faith, History & Civilisation (Colour)
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The Islam Guide
An Insight into the Faith, History and Civilisation

Beautifully Presented in Full colour
Exhibition Islam's Amazing New Guide
​Hardback 353 Pages
ISBN : 9780955523816
Publisher : Exhibition Islam

About The Book

A thought provoking book that provides an unprecedented exploration of the beliefs, teachings and practises of a religion that encompasses a fifth of the world`s population. Iconic symbols of Islamic history including some of the worlds greatest architecture together with captivating the message of Islam combines to deliver a vibrant and intriguing journey through faith written in an informative, factual and concise manor with stunning colour imagery and exquisite photography of the natural world, it is sure to appeal to all audiences.

The Islam guide is a remarkable achievement and result of over three years exhaustive research by exhibition Islam. The initial concept for this guide was to provide a highly visual and in depth study of the scientific observations of the Qur'an. Subsequently, this was expanded to provide an overview of Islamic faith.

To see selected pages please download the Exhibition Islam Book .pps file by clicking here.

About The Publisher 

Exhibition Islam is an independent non-profit making organisation that specialises in promoting a greater understanding of Islam in both the domestic and international arenas. By utilising alternative educational resources that are delivered through professional 'Museum Style' exhibitions. Exhibition Islam creates a modern setting that allows visitors to discover the richness and intensity of the Islamic faith.

Exhibition Islam partially owes its success to its unique approach. Through a combination of our professional approach, breathtaking design and accurately delivered information, Exhibition Islam creates an environment that is thoroughly educational and enjoyable for visitors from all backgrounds. The atmosphere is further refined through the fusion of additional sights, sounds and smells of the Islamic world.

Exhibition Islam was launched in London, UK in 1993. As expected, this new style of delivery was not fully absorbed by a community that were accustomed to more traditional and cultural methods of Islamic education. Regardless, Exhibition Islam was beginning to capture the imagination of many organizations throughout the UK and by the turn of the new millennium, Exhibition Islam was fast emerging as the leading exhibition provider in the industry. Over the last five years, Exhibition Islam has been at the forefront of raising global Islamic awareness and promoting a greater understanding of Islam.

Having attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors over the past decade, Exhibition Islam has established its name as the leading Islamic exhibition provider in the West. Exhibition Islam has delivered and hosted exhibitions in many different locations including museums, mosques, universities, training schools, prisons, schools, shopping centres, and many other venues around the UK and the world.

To date, Exhibition Islam has exhibited at numerous locations and sites in the UK. Some of the more renowned organisations that Exhibition Islam has worked with are: Central London Mosque (Regents park), Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre (London), London Muslim Centre, East London Mosque (Whitechapel), Ashmolean Museum (Oxford), London HSBC Bank (Canary Wharf) and St James Park (Football stadium).

Apart from hosting and co-hosting regular events, Exhibition Islam also offers its services to special events and ceremonies. In the past, Exhibition Islam has provided support material for the openings of Edinburgh Mosque, London Muslim Centre and the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre.

Exhibition Islam has also made progress in Europe and America. 2006 witnessed the introduction of Exhibition Islam to Scandinavia. In June 2006, Exhibition Islam co-hosted an Islamic event ? the first of its kind in Denmark, outside the Danish Parliament. Exhibition Islam has also agreed to host an event during the Doha Asian games in December 2006 and will launch a tour of Norway in March 2007.


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