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Shah Wali Allah's Treatises on Islamic Law By Marcia Hermans
[#6247 0B1 PB 151pp Fons Vitae, two important treatises, juristic diversity, Taqlid, contemporary iss]

Shah Wali Allah\'s Treatises on Islamic Law  By Marcia Hermans

Shah Wali Allah’s Treatises on Islamic Law
By Shah Wali Allah
Translator : Marcia Hermansen
Paperback 151 Pages
ISBN : 9781891785467
Publisher : Fons Vitae 

About The Book

Shah Wali Allah’s two important treatises on juristic diversity and the nature of binding and independent authority in Islamic law, Al-In'af fi Bayan Sabab al-Ikhtilaf and 'Iqd al-Jid fi A'kam al-Ijtihad wa-l Taqlid, are here translated from the original Arabic with critical introductions and annotations to the author's sources and the legal issues used to illustrate his arguments. 

Addressing relevant and crucial contemporary issues, these new scholarly translations of the important treatises provide access to important debates on authority and reform in Islamic legal reasoning. 

The question of ijtihad (independent critical reasoning) versus taqlid (adherence to the classical schools and rulings of Islamic law) continues to inform contemporary discussions of how Muslims—as individuals and in their institutions and practice—can maintain fidelity and authenticity while addressing the compelling issues of the present age.

About The Author


Qutb al-Din Ahmad ibn 'Abd al-Rahim, popularly known as Shah Wali Allah,lived at a critical juncture of Muslim history. India had enjoyed the peaceful and prosperous rule of the Mughals for more than 200 years, but by the time of Shah Wali Allah, mutually hostile principalities had begun to emerge. Many of the newly emerging quasi independent states were the result of the rising influence of the militant Maratha, Sikh and Hindu communities and Muslim power and glory in the sub-continent, as in other parts of the world, were gradually eroded. It was at this time of utter despair and despondency for Muslims that Shah Wali Allah was born.

He is among the later scholars who carried the traditions of Al-Ghazzali and Imam Shatibi in combining the essential of Shari'ah, its understanding, development and interpretation to the issues and problems of life. He like Al-Ghazzali took deep stock of Akhira as the explaining point of the relationship between worldly existence and the Hereafter in a meaningful way.

About The Translator 

Marcia Hermansen is a professor of Islamic studies and the director of the Islamic World Studies Program at Loyola University Chicago. 

She is an expert on the thought of Shah Wali Allah and a translator of his major work, The Conclusive Argument from God. She lives in Chicago.



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