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Islamic Renaissance in South Asia: Role of Shah Waliallah...
[I#0631 3F2 PB 298pp,9788174354006, Adam Publishers, By Mahmood A Ghazi, ...& His Successors (1707-18]

The Islamic Renaissance in South Asia (1707-1867) 
The Role of Shah Waliallah and His Successors.

By Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi
Paperback 298 Pages
Publisher: Adam Publishers, India

About The Book

With the 18th century breakdown of Mughal power there arose Shah Waliallah and his successors  who saw a renewal of "true" Islamic patterns of society and leadership as the only path toward renewal of society. 

These ideas were well attuned to the needs of Muslims.

About Shah Waliallah (1702-1763) 

He was among the later scholars who carried the traditions of Al-Ghazzali and Imam Shatibi in combining the essential of Shari'ah, its understanding, development and interpretation to the issues and problems of life. 

He like Al-Ghazzali took deep stock of Akhira as the explaining point of the relationship between worldly existence and the Hereafter in a meaningful way.

About The Author

Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi is Pakistan's former Minister for Religious Affairs and is now serving as the Vice President, International Islamic University, Pakistan. 

He was the editor of Al-Dirasat al-Islamiyyah and Arabic quarterly journal of the Islamic Research Institute, Islamabad and also Fikr-o-Nazar, an Urdu quarterly journal published by the same institution.

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