Forty(40)Daily Prayers Arabic, Urdu, English|& Transliteration
[#0808 2k PB 36PP,Masnoon Dua, Glossy Paper with Colour Writing,]

40 Daily Prayers
Masnoon Du'a
ArabicFollowed by Transliteration
Urdu Translation and
English Translation (Modern English)
Paperback 36 Pages
Glossy Paper with Colour Writing
Published by Islamic Book Services & Azhar Academy

Recommended for use in many Evening Primary Madrassah's.
Includes: Kalimah, Making Wudhu & Tasbihaat-e-Salah.

The Prophet and the generation that followed were great believers in prayers (Dua). Their supplications had such zeal and fervour rarely to be found in the religious literature of the world.
In this age of gross materialism there is a great need for the Modern Generation to turn to Prayer and Trust in Allah as the first port of call, Instead of science & Materialism. One surely finds solace, peace and comfort in prayers.

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