Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence By Professor Ahmad Hasan
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Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence By Professor Ahmad Hasan

The Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
The Command of the Shari'ah and Juridical Norm
By Professor  Ahmad Hasan
Paperback 411 Pages
Publisher : Adam Publishers, India (2008)

About The Book

With the recent growth of interest in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence professor Ahmad Hasan undertook to prepare a four volume work primarily intended for University and College Students.

This is the first in this series The Command of the Shari'ah and Juridical Norm Hukm Shar'i.

The Subject has been dealt in such a fashion that it has become a self sufficient work in itself.

The Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

1. The Command of the Sharia
2. Classification of Hukum Shari
3. The Obligatory
4. The recommended
5. The forbidden 
6. The Disapproved
7. The Permissible
8. Regularity and Dispensation in the Commands of the Shariah
9. The Declaratory Law
10. The Lawgiver
11. The Object Of Command of the Shariah
12. Those to whom the Command of the Shariah is Addressed
Glossary of Legal Terms
Names of Persons dates of their deaths

About The Author

Professor Ahmad Hasan needs no introduction to the students of Islamic jurisprudence. His first book: The Early Development of Islamic Jurisprudence was widely acclaimed as a well researched publication on the subject and has since run into three editions. 

His second book: The Doctrine of Ijma in Islam, first published in 1978, and reprinted in 1984 was also received with similar approbation.


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