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Safwat ul Tafasir By Shaykh Muhammad Ali As-Sabuni, Arabic
[B#1766 6B2 HB 1076pp,3 Vol Set Maktabat al-Asryya, Explanation, Arabic Only]

Safwat ul Tafasir By Shaykh Muhammad Ali As-Sabuni, Arabic

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Date Added: Thursday 15 February, 2018

by KF

This era needs this style of authorship most of all because of the little time that is given to Islamic studies, weakening aspirations and scattered minds. As a result, our friend, the virtuous Shaykh, Muhammad Ali al-Sabuni, has been enabled by Allah with full tawfiq in compiling his book Safwat al-Tafasir. He has saved students of knowledge an incredible amount of time, and has taken by the hand to the nectar of his life time of studies and the summary of several major books of Tafsir. No one would be able to accomplish this task except one who has studied abundantly, has a sound ideology (dhawquhu), and has excelled in the field of teaching. Because of this, he warrants a debt of gratitude from the students of knowledge and those working in the field of Tafsir----may Allah reward him handsomely and accept his efforts.

Abul Hasan Ali al-Hasani al-Nadwi
Mecca Mukarrama

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