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Al-Ajwibah "Ani l-'Asilati l-"Aammati al-Waridah ARABIC
[I#1968 5A2 PB 64pp Islamic Foundation Trust (IFT), By Ayisha Bint al-Husain, Rev. Dr V. Abdur Rahim]

Al-Ajwibah \"Ani l-\'Asilati l-\"Aammati al-Waridah ARABIC

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Date Added: Saturday 25 November, 2017

by SA

This lovely, short book solved my problem when I finished Madinah Book 3 and was extremely keen to answer the 'General Questions' at the end of it but felt apprehensive without the answers. I felt I could easily answer the questions al-Hamdu lillaah, but I didn't know if my answers would be correct!

I found the 'General Questions' in Book 3 to be very comprehensive indeed. Maa sha Allaah, our noble Shaykh, Dr. Abdur Rahim, Hafizahullaah, has not left out anything. I felt thoroughly and precisely tested. If the student feels weak on any of the grammar rules they've learnt in Book 3 then answering these questions will totally expose one's weaknesses as well as strengths, and level of understanding. There is nowhere to hide!

The questions are seriously excellent. The Shaykh, Hafizahullaah, poses them in a myriad of different, interesting and very engaging ways such that I really enjoyed answering every question. Some of the questions I found very easy, Al-Hamdu lillaah. Others were more challenging. I had to think hard. This is where I really needed the answers.

Ma sha Allaah, the author Sr Aaishah has done an excellent job. Her answers are pleasantly simple, concise and eloquent. When I did my answers, some of them were long-winded and a bit mediocre, but when I turned to the answer book I found myself thinking: 'Is that all I needed to say?!' The answers are precise and I learnt about how to word my answers much better.

There were a few questions I wasn't 100% sure how to answer, so I peeked at the answers. That turned out to be very helpful as I was able to work backwards to get to the right understanding ... like back-formation! (Students of the Shaykh's book 'Iththaaqaltum' will know exactly what I mean!).

All in all, al-Ajwibah book is small in size but absolutely essential for every graduate of the 3 Madinah Books.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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