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Abshir Bikhairi Yawmin By Dr. V. Abdur Rahim, Arabic
[#2019 5A2 PB 92pp Dar Al-Maathir, Explanation of hadith of Ka'b ibn Maalik (RA), Extensive lexical, ]

Abshir Bikhairi Yawmin By Dr. V. Abdur Rahim, Arabic

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Date Added: Friday 17 November, 2017

by SA

This is a beautiful, thorough study of a classical Hadith. The story is famous and I felt great joy when I started to read and understand it in Arabic. I found a wealth of knowledge in the detailed lexical and grammatical notes provided. The notes are so varied and provide amaing insight into the grammar and language of the Hadiith. They are also written in a style that is very easy to understand. The exercises are very enjoyable and test every area of your understanding of the Hadith. I also benefitted greatly from the points of benefit that the author extracts from classical Hadith sources. A real pleasure to read and a treasure of benefits. I highly recommend this to every student and teacher of Arabic.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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