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Bidayat al-Mujtahid Distinguished Jurist's Primer, Ibn Rushd Set
[DD#5719 2Vols HB Set ~1320pp 65@7A 9781873938133, 9781873938935‚Äč Garnet, English By Imran Ahsan K]

Bidayat al-Mujtahid Distinguished Jurist\'s Primer, Ibn Rushd Set

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Date Added: Wednesday 24 May, 2017

by SA

I disagree with the comment above. This book isn't a fiqh manual as it quotes the opinions of the 4 imams, zhaahiriis and other fuqahaa at other times/ instead of the ashaabul wujuuh of the madhaahib as the opinions have changed. This book is essential to understand adabul iktilaaf as this book covers the science of elmul iktilaaf .

For anyone who says follow the sunnah and not any madhab is contradicting himself and this text will make him appreciate the cause of ikhtilaaf includes the usul, hadith, preference/conflict of hadith and why Each madhaahibs own usul points the rulings of the hukum within the daleel into certain directions. This book will make any student of knowledge seek why madhaahibs are followed and how the rulings are established to grips the student with each madhahibs approach to the daleel. although in the book the author does mention Some opinions of the imaam that are not well known in the madhaahib or were their earlier opinions so sometimes it doesn't represent the 4 imams position.

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