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Commentary On The Creed Of At-Tahawi By Ibn Abi Izz
[#6238 3H2 PB 538pp, Istinarah Press, Tr. M Abdul Haqq Ansari, Sharh Al-Aqidah At-Tahawiyyah]

Commentary On The Creed Of At-Tahawi By Ibn Abi Izz

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Date Added: Wednesday 12 April, 2017

by KF

This volume here- a commentary on the ancient creed of Al-Tahawi, a master Hanafite jurist- demonstrates and then proceeds to ramify the path of the Salaf in theology and overall creed within the religion of Islam. A fine scholar of Damascene origin was bound to write the said commentary, and Allah, out of His Infinte Wisdom, chose 'Ali b. 'Ali, more commonly known as Ibn Abi al-'Izz, to carry out this virtuous task. Both scholars, may Allah be pleased with them, trod a path many later scholars and thinkers deemed absurd or misguided. But in reality, its foundations are rooted in none other but the Qur'an and its adornments are naught save the authentic hadith of the Prophet, peace be upon him. What more could I ever say further about the bright light of Divine Guidance within it? May Allah bless those who read this book with an open heart and thereafter accept it, and truly Allah is with the believers!

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