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Al Mus'if Fi Lughati wa I'rabu Surati Yusuf: Dr. V. Abdur Rahim
[#6388 5A2 PB 246pp +15pp,9788123200453,LQTORONTO / IFT, Lexical & Grammatical Annotation, Exercises,]

Al Mus\'if Fi Lughati wa I\'rabu Surati Yusuf: Dr. V. Abdur Rahim

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Date Added: Friday 17 November, 2017

by SA

Truly a masterpiece, ma sha Allah. An ocean of knowledge for students and teachers of Arabic, ma sha Allah. The Shaykh has provided clear, brilliant, lexical and grammatical notes. It is all in Arabic and easy to understand due to the Shaykh's clear, easy writing style. I greatly benefitted from this book. Words cannot describe the extent of benefit and happiness I derived from this book.

The Shaykh's choice of surah here is very wise. Through it, we build our iman and Islamic character by understanding first-hand the surah, and this opens the door to being able to benefit from the deeply moving, life-long lessons and morals contained in the surah. I ask Allah to reward the Shaykh for such a noble effort, and noble concern to connect non-Arab Muslims to the Qur'an, by the Qur'an. The Shaykh's efforts are unique.

I memorised this surah after studying this book and it was very easy due to the exhaustive study of it along with the vast, creative exercises provided by the Shaykh. I really enjoyed the exercises. They test all areas of one's understanding and strengthen it.

I want to add something important: When I completed this amazing book and could read and understand surah Yusuf in Arabic, I felt as if I was reading surah Yusuf for the first time ever in my life! All the years I had spent reading its English translation did not affect me in any significant way compared to its effects after reading it directly in the language it was revealed. SubhanAllah. I hope everyone takes a lesson from this.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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