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Quran Scientific Exegesis, Prof P A Wahid (Holistic Knowledge)
[I#6460 2D2 HB 525pp Adam Publishers, Through Fusion, Past, Present, Future, Universe, Man, Sciences]

Quran Scientific Exegesis, Prof P A Wahid (Holistic Knowledge)

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Date Added: Thursday 09 November, 2017

by AU

There is the general but wrong notion that religion and science are mutually contradicting epistemic spaces

The scientific community believe that religion and God are just another human invention.

To defend this argument it had introduced certain theories assuming that the physical universe and biological species are products of chance Evolution with no purpose to serve.

The conditions of rationality and accuracy are equally applicable to such series also.

Unfortunately it is generally taken for granted that any information originating from the scientific community is rational and based on evidence.

On the contrary the probability of a scripture being rational and true is not even considered.

This Books calls for Science to Consider the Qur'an using its own Conditions.

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