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3 Vol Kitaab al-Mu'allim Durusul Lughah Al-Arabiyyah, Teachers G
[AI#6464 5D2 PB 3 V 9788123200935 Arabic,Madinah Arabic Course, Islamic Foundation Trust,]

3 Vol Kitaab al-Mu\'allim Durusul Lughah Al-Arabiyyah, Teachers G

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Date Added: Saturday 18 November, 2017

by SA

I read these Guide Books after finishing Durus al-Lughah and some other advanced books by the Shaykh. These Guides give fascinating grammatical insight into the concepts taught in the 3 Madinah Books from new, eye-opening, angles. The Arabic is very simple, clear and easy to understand. This makes the guides very easy to read and are excellent for developing your reading, writing and expression skills. I myself had great fun patterning my writing and expression on the writing and expression in these Guides.

These Guides have given me multiple benefits which I cannot enumerate in this short review. As an advanced student, they have greatly strenghened and expanded my knowledge of the grammar learnt in Durus al-Lughah and developed my Arabic expression, reading and writing fluency, ma sha Allah.

As a teacher, you will be very impressed at how these Guides are meticulously structured, organised, and thorough. They have made teachers' tasks, very, very easy, ma sha Allah. A teacher is trained to teach Duruus al-lughah with such creativity, various teaching tools, ideas, practical methods and golden advices from the Shaykh.

As a student, I found it fascinating to read how the Shaykh advocates Arabic should be taught to non-native speakers of Arabic. The Shaykh has the easiest, most practical, most natural and most enjoyable method of teaching Arabic to non-natives. al-Hamdu lillah. Everyone can get these Guides and see this for themselves.

May Allah reward the Shaykh generously for his skills, knowledge and hard work.

Highly recommend these Guides to every graduate and teacher of Durus al-Lughah.

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